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Myriad Path - Verena study by crimsontriforce Myriad Path - Verena study by crimsontriforce
More side-characters' development for my part of the story that's (was? :( ) unfolding at ~zeldafreakhall's tournament, the Myriad Path. Go check it out, it's brilliant!

This is Verena's design - she's the, uhm, mysterious character at the end of this deviation here: [link]
I'd have liked this to go with her background, but I'm too busy and too lazy right now to draw something else to match the following dialogue.
So, shortened background: she's a fairly rich Hylian woman who didn't believe in anything until she found out (thanks to the ever-meddling Sert) that she of all people had 1337 magical powers. She started fortune-telling as a way of proving to herself that she wasn't imagining things and decided that she liked the job... a bit too much, actually. She doesn't need the crystal ball, nor the amulets, nor the candles... nor the veils, nor the pendulum, nor the cards... but she uses them anyway because she thinks they make her look cool. She likes the role of the mysterious, powerful woman, basically, and acts accordingly.
She would never use her powers for evil, but, on the other hand, she's also too much of a petty bourgeois to do much good with them. Adventures are dangerous, messy things, and powerful enemies have this penchant for vengeance... in Verena's opinion, it's better to steer clear of them and enjoy the small pleasures that life can offer. In Sert's not-so-humble opinion, that's complete nonsense and Verena should stop making a fool of herself and start making something useful with her life apart from looking pretty. The thought of her wasted potential unnerves him. A lot.

In the end, however, partially because opposites attract, partially because their sense of humour is kind of similar, they've become good friends, the sort that bickers every other day, but still friends.

Sevir is another character from the story Verena was originally in... I can't really remember if he was her boyfriend or not, but I do remember that they were close.
As for Grion, I have a small piece of conversation between him and Liehl, post-round2,but I want to draw a small illustration before submitting it...

“Honey, you’re making a hole in my carpet. Stop it.”
“Mmmmmh indeed. You worried or something?”
“No, really. Very perceptive of you, Verena. Is it a natural talent of yours or does it come with the astonishing magic powers?”
“Come on.”
“Come on what.”
“Come on as in what I’ve just said. It’s pretty much evident that you want to spill the beans, you never were one to keep things for yourself.”
“And for those who don’t speak ancient Sheikah, that roughly translates as…?”
“Should’ve figured as much. Hey, cheer up. Last time we checked, he was alive and kickin’. Well, mostly. He’s fine.”
“It’s not that. Not all of it.”
“What else, then?”
“Hylian please.”
“Oh, quit it, I’m not amused. It’s what has become of him, and the fact that it’s my fault. Period. Bugger off.”
“Care to explain?”
“No. Leave me alone.”
“As if.”
“No, really. I need time to think this over.”
“No you don’t. You’re practically begging to talk to someone, dear, or you wouldn’t be acting like this. You’re good enough at hiding your emotions when you want to, and this is definitely not the case. I promise I won’t tell anyone if that’s what worries you…”
“I… I hate you, all right. I had thought he would’ve gotten over it. You know, that’s what people usually do. Recover, marry a fine lass, have children, live a normal life. Move on. I liked to think of him like that… happy. It’s what allowed me to stay away for so long, even after the years when I was really needed there. This scenario… scared me. I didn’t even want to consider the possibility.”
“That’s… unusual, in the least. Isn’t this kind of loyalty exactly what you’ve always aimed for?”
“Hey, I’m not… I’m not saying I don’t like total devotion. It’s quite useful, in fact. Couldn’t have managed without it. And, yes, pleasant, I guess. But… that’s what other people are for…”
“Me included, right?”
“Mh? No, of course not. You know better than that.”
“I know better than to trust you, honey.”
“Look, I’m powerless now. I don’t have a plan, a goal, anything. If I came knocking at your door, of all people, it’s because I think of you as a friend.”
“Or maybe, but just maybe, because I’m one of the richest girls in town, and my house is big enough for both of us.”
“Your cynical scepticism is..."
“But please, do go back in topic. It’s cute to see you all sincere and defenceless for once. Nice change of pace, you know.”
“Hmpf. I will not give you that pleasure then, since this is all there is to it. I did not wish this hell upon him, nor did I ask for useless vengeance. Yet both happened and I’m their unwilling cause.”
“How moving. And pray tell, is underestimating people’s feelings a natural talent of yours or does it come with the cold-blooded Sheikah training?”
“Shut up. What do you mean?”
“That it couldn’t have ended any other way and you know it all too well, unless you really are being fooled by that strict logic of yours, you hard-headed mule. He depended on you, probably still does. Din, even I could have imagined it, and I barely know him!”
“…Probably still does, you say. That was… and is… a responsibility I did not desire. You are right, you are right! I had foreseen that, and yet I willingly chose to believe otherwise. And even though it goes against all my beliefs… I’m finding myself regretting that choice. Not that… I mean, I wouldn’t change my actions even if I had the chance to do so, but… no, I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. I guess that my resolve wasn’t strong enough to cover the guilt this time.”
“Ok, you can stop now… you look beaten and humiliated enough, I’ve had my revenge for today.”
“Me what?”
“You cruel, unforgiving ignorant. Sevir’s death was careless, but it served a purpose. He and the others changed history and you can’t deny it. This, however, is nonsense, and that’s all the difference there is to it.”
“Yeah, right. All the difference. We’re all gonna believe that. Anyway, enough with the angry puppy face, it doesn’t suit you. You can tell him everything yourself when he comes back – castle gate, was it?”
“It’s useless. He isn’t coming back.”
“I know it.”
“Oh really? And who’s the seer in charge here?”
“You are, but this is not a vision, nor a work of my inexistent magic.”
”What is it, then?”
“It’s a... a feeling.”
“Those things can lie, you know. Especially when they match your deepest fears. But stay assured that I haven’t foreseen anything of the sort.”
“You’re a bad liar, but I won’t inquire any further.”
“That hurts my pride… I shall be going now, see you later. And, Sert?”
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Wolfdog Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2006   Traditional Artist
Well, it works - she DOES look cool! Very stylish
crimsontriforce Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2006
Thanks! ^_^
hiyoko-chan Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2006
haha I love how you drew her XD XD and i laughed when i saw the whole she "uses them to make her look cool" shooot i'd do that too LOL!!
crimsontriforce Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2006
Ehe^^ Thanks!
rueyeet Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2006
And not only are adventures dangerous, messy things, but they make you late for breakfast! Just ask Bilbo Baggins. :D

I like Verena. She sounds like a gal fully in charge of herself and her life, and with more than the strength of personality to stand up to Sert and his opinions. I also like the idea that she's got all the fortunetelling trappings just for show, that's an amusing quirk.
crimsontriforce Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2006
That's VERY much appreciated, and yes, I was thinking e-x-a-c-t-l-y of Bilbo while making up that part of her personality... XD
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